Carnell Smith PfV, Carnell Smith, family man, paternity fraud crusader, lobbyist, analyst with TV experience, consultant, dna test, paternity fraudCarnell Smith is a family man, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. His love of family propelled him from engineer to entrepreneur; from single parent to married with children and from a victim to veteran crusader for families, fairness and justice. 


Smith discovered that the child he loved and supported for 11 years was in fact fathered by another man. Surprisingly, the courts did not speak of restitution nor of assigning responsibility to the biological father after hearing that the child's mother knowingly and wilfully withheld material facts from Smith.


Instead Smith was told that it was his fault for not discovering the truth earlier and was bound by the courts to continue paying child support.


Smith's need to understand why the family court is not a court of law and how this could happen led Smith to a new career and a new calling.


As Carnell Smith sought justice to save his family from poverty and homelessness, he also unearthed a desire to help others facing a similar situation.


Carnell - testify

As the devastating numbers of children and parents affected by paternity fraud became more evident, Smith began to push for legislation that would protect Georgia’s men, teen boys and families. He successfully spearheaded Georgia’s first paternity fraud legislation in one year.


Smith also launched Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, a grass-roots organization that increases public awareness and mobilizes voters around paternity, family law and DNA testing issues.


Carnell Smith, founded 4TRUTH Identity's DNA Center, providing genetic (DNA) tests similar to the one that transformed his life for maternity, paternity and immigration services.


 Smith believes that one person can make a positive difference in the lives of many.

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