You Have The Power To Win

Feelings of hopelessness, despair and victimization are eradicated with Operation Social Impact. Men, women and children caught in custody and child support battles can emerge victorious once exposed to the information Carnell Smith delivers.

This program is essential for mothers, fathers and family advocates seeking fairness in the family court system.Carnell Smith PfV, Paternity Fraud veteran, lobbyist, consultant, 4Truth Identity, PaternityFraud.com

The purpose of this liberating presentation is twofold:

  • Arm mothers and fathers with knowledge to protect parental rights

  • Position individuals to impact state laws concerning paternity, child custody and child support

With Operation Social Impact attendees are better equipped to: 

  • Remain actively involved parents

  • Protect parent and child's rights

  • Pursue parental rights

Operation Social Impact provides specific tools to:

  • Research and understand state family laws

  • Advocate for fair and equitable family laws

  • Communicate effectively with legislators

Mothers, Fathers and most importantly, children win with Operation Social Impact.



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