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Men and teenagers facing child support or custody battles can face the courts with The Paternity Report Card. Carnell Smith has transferred his experience as a victim of paternity fraud and successful activist for paternity fraud legislation into a powerful  tool. This is for men, teen boys and the parents/ women who are seeking help with the confusing and frustrating battles of child support, paternity or custody issues.

 The Paternity Report Card enables you to assess your ability to face child support, paternity or custody claims to avoid or stop paying for another man's child(ren). With this workshop, participants:

  • The Paternity Report CardTM presents an in-depth look at Paternity Fraud:

The ABC's of Paternity - In addition to learning how to obtain a birth certificate Carnell sheds light on the importance of understanding and determining crucial information including:

  • Crucial information that every alleged father should know before signing a confession.
  • Court Accepted Tests - Differences between home DNA test and Legal DNA test are critical
  • Increase your knowledge with the Paternity Report Card, when "you are the father or you are not the father".



national press club, carnell smith pfv, paternity

Carnell Smith speaks NCFM event at the National Press Club (Washington, DC)



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