"Mr. Smith has filed a petition in the U.S. Supreme cheryl wetzstein, paternity fraud, carnell smithCourt, asking it to prohibit lower courts from enforcing fraudulent child-support orders. "All men and children deserve to know the truth, he says." - Cheryl Wetzstein, Washington Times



kathleen parker, paternity fraud, carnell smith“…In the two years since he was tested, Smith has become a one-man army trying to advance a relatively new legal term - "paternity fraud." He has recruited Georgia legislators …”.  -- Kathleen Parker, Orlando Sentinel, TownHall.com



martin kasindorf, paternity fraud, carnell smith"Carnell Smith, an engineer in Decatur, Ga., who was getting nowhere in challenging a support decree, started a group called U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud that lobbied for the law Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes signed in May. The slogan on the Web site of Smith's group (www.paternityfraud.com): "If the genes don't fit, you must acquit." - Martin Kasindorf, USA TODAY



With 1 out of every 3 men who take a DNA paternity test - turning out not to be the biological father of the child, it behooves every man, (married/single) to hear Carnell Smith Gillis Triplett - MasteringManHood.comspeak on this pervasive issue.  In warfare, one of the primary rules of engagement is: “To avoid a trap you must first be aware of its existence.” Smith will show you how 1 out of 3 men DNA tested get caught in this devastating trap, what to do if you are a victim and most importantly, how to avoid becoming a victim."

-  Gillis Triplett, Founder and CEO of Mastering Manhood  




blood evidence, paternity fraud, paternity"With DNA testing so prevalent, an ever increasing number of men are finding out (usually after a divorce or a child support dispute) that they are not the fathers of children that they have been raising or supporting. Dubbed "paternity fraud" by Carnell Smith of Georgia, a man who found himself in this predicament, it is an issue that has caused national turmoil."

- Dr. Henry C. Lee and Frank Tirnady,  Blood Evidence (Book)







reason magazine, paternity fraud, carnell smith"Carnell Smith launched Citizens Against Paternity Fraud and began lobbying the Georgia legislature to change laws that limited the admissibility of DNA tests. In May 2002, the effort passed... " - Matt Welch, Reason Magazine


"Carnell Smith, founder of U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, counters that men unfamiliar with the legal system do indeed deserve sympathy. There's a broad assumption that men understand the legal arena and how family law works, but at the same time, no one is providing that information..." - Cecily Ruttenberg metroactive, paternity fraud, carnell smith




attorney ronald henry, paternity fraud, carnell smith"Carnell Smith was willing and prepared to continue a physical and emotional relationship with the girl he once thought was his daughter but, as a black male living in Georgia, he also wanted to be a free man."- Attorney Ronald Henry - The Innocent Third Party: Victims of Paternity Fraud: (ABA Article) Family Law Quarterly




robert pierre, paternity fraud, carnell smithThere is an epidemic sweeping this nation…It causes havoc, emotional harm and social harm...” Robert Pierre, Staff Writer, The Washington Post 




mike tierney, paternity fraud, carnell smith“Smith is a crusader, a self-appointed legislative lobbyist for a cause that maintains biological bonds should trump everything else.” - Mike Tierney, Atlanta-Journal Constitution


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