Carnell Smith believes that “Truth is a good thing.” 

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The truth has led Carnell Smith to address U.S. legislative hearings in addition to  speaking at the Administration for Children & Families, National Men’s Equality Congress, Dr Phil, MSN-NBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC World News, Fox News, Michael Baisden Show, Michael Smerconish,Tavis Smiley Show, Rev. Al Sharpton Show, PowerTalk w/ Lorraine White, Associated Press, The Harvard Crimson, Review Journal, American Conservative, Reason Magazine, TIME Magazine, Divorce Magazine, Men’s Journal Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, ABA Family Law Quarterly, Georgia State Law Review, Georgia Fatherhood Program,,, and many others.Carnell Smith aka Man4Justice on Dr Phil


Why Carnell Smith PfV? He is an impassioned advocate for families, fairness and justice. He’s a loving husband, fatherand a trail-blazer that … 

  • Lobbied and/or coached victims and advocates multiple states paternity fraud legislation

  • Launched the U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud advocacy groupcitizens against paternity fraud, carnell smith pfv

  • Founded 4TRUTH Identity's DNA Center for maternity, paternity and immigration testing.

  • Exposed the impact of paternity fraud on military men and teen boys

  • Exposed the impact of family law on the Men's Marriage Strike

  • Launched the renowned website

  • Author of the GA Senate and DC Paternity Fraud Report

  • Co-Producer of "HOSTAGE of the STATE" movie, a paternity fraud expose



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Carnell Smith PfV, Advocate, paternity fraud, dna test, paternity, lobbyist

Carnell Smith, the International Advocate for paternity fraud victims and their families to be freed from the archaic laws and abuse. 


I persisted against the ODDS until I WON, now I help others WIN  - Carnell Smith​


TRUST, BUT VERIFY -- John F Kennedy & Ronald Reagan


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